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Jay Cutler Bashing: A Classic Case of Projection?

By Greg Hyatt, I have to start this off with a huge disclaimer: I am a big Chicago Bears fan. So automatically, some reading this will brush it off as a fan’s bias. Fair enough. Although I’m a California kid, I decided to adopt them as my team in the mid 1990s, after living […]

Scared of Cliff Lee? Wasn’t That the Guy the Giants Beat Twice?

By Mark Maxwell, I love it.  I really do. Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees and joins the Phillies. The Media goes crazy.  Article after article comes out on how the Phillies have the greatest rotation in baseball and perhaps the greatest rotation in history compared to the ’66 Dodgers and the classic Braves trio. […]

A Day With The Raider Nation

By Melissa Villarin, For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a San Francisco 49er fan. My first sports crush was on Steve Young and for a few years in high school, I dreamed of being a Gold Rush Dancer. With that being said, I did something this weekend I never thought I […]

Video Diary of a San Francisco Championship

By Armando Gonzalez, I guess more than anything I put this thing together for closure. (video below) To somehow put a bow on the most memorable 48 hours of my fanhood. Something to ensure that I would never forget those magical moments. To never forget what it felt like to have euphoria and elation […]

Diary of a San Francisco Giants Championship Run

By Jimmy Spencer – When Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz for the final out on the night of Nov. 1, 2010, the Giants had won their first World Series in the city of San Francisco. As it happened, I stood in the city, in a Union Street bar packed with close to 1,000 fellow Giants fans, all of us roaring

The San Francisco Giants: A Pastime Passed Down From Grandpa

By Jimmy Spencer, You can’t control the moment. That’s the splendor of sports, the ability to give oneself over to a cause that is more than you. It’s to care deeply for the unexpected – to be captivated through times of elation and anguish. It’s to share a passion for the strangers who you […]

Resist the Old Narrative, Giants Fans

By Armando Gonzalez, (3rd Inning of NLCS, Game 6—2-0, Phillies) “You know, we really have had one hell of a year. I mean, who would have thought we would have made it this far, to the NLCS and all. Seriously, it’s been a fun ride.” (2 innings later—tied game) “Do you think we throw […]

It’s Bad – in All the Right Ways

By Benn Hodapp, I know, ok? You wanted the Yankees-Phillies. You probably didn’t know that the Giants were a team until two weeks ago because their games start at bedtime for a lot of you. You don’t care about the almost unholy pitching matchup of Lee vs. Lincecum in all likelihood. You wanted the […]

Confessions of a Fair-Weather Fan

By Jeff Schnoebelen, This takes a lot, but I’ll admit it, I’m a fair-weather Giants fan. Before you get all up in arms about how you have followed them your whole life, bleed orange and black, can recite every starting lineup since 1985 and have a Giants tattoo on your forehead – let me […]

Otis Amey: Back Again

By Otis Amey, Contributor After traveling all around playing a sport I’ve known since I was 5 years old, I’m right back where my college career began. After playing football for James Logan High, I came to Sac State on a full-ride scholarship. I had my fair share of major disappointments, but still found a […]

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