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Mario’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Cory Hunt, 1)   Stop hanging out with girls who are constantly “getting kidnapped” for attention. 2)   Donkey Kong has caused far more damage behind the wheel than his cousin ever did climbing buildings and knocking down planes.  Never let DK drive on Rainbow Road again. 3)   I never thought there was a worse […]

Would You Like Apples or Fries With That?

By Becky Larson, The question of who is responsible for what our kids eat has become a controversial subject with the reality of youths’ increasing waistlines.  More than one-third of children ages 10 – 17 are obese or overweight and for the first time in history many are expected to live shorter lifespans than […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Santa’s Workshop

By Cory Hunt, 1)   Santa hates anything resembling a union, so elves aren’t allowed to join the Lollipop Guild. 2)   The elves eat almost exclusively reindeer meat.  Supposedly, Blitzen tasted the best. 3)   The elves aren’t actually dwarves; they have that Gary Coleman thing where they’re short because they’re malnourished.  Interestingly enough, they still […]

Evolution of the High School Reunion

By Becky Larson, It all started in late September when I received a Save-the-Date for my 10-year high school reunion in the mail. Actually, let me start over.  It all started back in July when I received a message via the Facebook page created specifically for my high school reunion letting me know to […]

Of Course I’m not Picking up Dog Poop

By Cory Hunt, Sparky, time for a walk! I can see you’ve really got to take a dump, but I want to make sure you don’t crap anywhere near my house, so I’m just going to drag you along while you’re trying to squat.  It’s really a win-win, because all this dragging eliminates the […]

My 5 Favorite NES Games

By Cory Hunt, These games had an effect on my life that cannot be underestimated.  Once you read my review of each, I’m confident that you will agree, even on #2. 1) Baseball Stars Pros: I’ve never felt like more of a Patriot than when I played as The American Dreams and dominated lesser […]

Hello, My Name Is

By Melissa Villarin, I’m new to Sacramento, but no stranger to moving. It’s almost like a routine now. Yet every time I do it, the same question pops up once I‘m settled in, why is it so hard to make new friends? When we were kids, it was simple. You hit the playground or […]

30 Rock(s)

By Christine Cheng, Well, here I am. Six months of being 30, and I’m finally getting the hang of saying, “I’m 30.” I don’t know why everyone is so mortified of this major milestone. It’s not like we’re turning 40 or anything—no offense to the 40 year-olds out there. I am sure I will […]

Midtown Musings: Running Ballot Diary

Midtown Musings, Running diary on me filling out my Official Vote-by-Mail Ballot/Balota Oficial Governor Wow, six candidates for governor? I must have missed a few ads. … Who votes against the Peace and Freedom Party? It reminds me of Johnny Saudelstein, who won the 1989 student body president election as a member of the […]

Identifying People Species: The Gym

By Cory Hunt, The many types of species at the gym …. Naked Locker Room Man a.k.a. Grandpa Streak Physical Characteristics- Obviously, Grandpa Streak is naked.  Sometimes, he’ll wear a tee shirt, but he refuses to obscure his genitalia with any kind of towel, undergarment or small hat.  Normally, this majestic creature is covered […]

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