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A Blast from the Past

By Becky Larson, It’s been said time and again that history repeats itself.  As I sat outside a Midtown café this past weekend, I couldn’t help but think how true that really is.  Several of the twenty-somethings that passed by looked like blasts from the past. Hipsters and Emos alike call Midtown home as […]

Movers and Shapers

Christine Cheng, If you were roaming the streets of Midtown this past summer, you may have heard the buzz over the popular six-week hair competition known as Hair Wars. This six-week challenge took place at the Park Ultra Lounge and closed with a match-up of three top Sacramento salons flaunting their most creative hairstyles […]

Project Runway meets Biz Markie: All for charity. Need I say more?

By Megan Shippam, It’s what every girl dreams of hearing and what every guy secretly enjoys. Getting complimented on their stylish sensibility and their “Oh this? I just thought this outfit up in my head” look. However, when it comes to fashion in Sactown, there is an underground scene at best. I admit that […]

Story Streams

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