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Sacramento’s Best “Not-So-Obvious” Happy Hour Spots

By Jan Katerkamp, The wife and I enjoy ourselves some happy hour. We realized recently that we’re a little too old, married and lame for the late-night bar scene, but not yet to the point in married life where we read magazines and fall asleep on the couch with CSI:Miami on in the background. […]

The Sights of the Season from a Midtown Patio

By Becky Larson, Just when it felt like we would never see the sun again, spring is finally in the air and long summer nights are on their way.   It’s time for Midtowners to come out of hibernation and bust out the tank tops, BBQs and baseball. One highlight of the warmer weather we […]

Margaritas In Midtown

By Melissa Villarin, I’m slowly making my around Midtown, to explore all that it has to offer. This week I was in the mood for a margarita, so I decided to try Ernesto’s on 16th and S streets. This place was highly recommended by a couple of girls I was with, and I’m happy […]

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