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Midtown Vegan Bucket List 2011

By Danielle Carlson,   I was recently inspired by the VegNews article titled “The Vegan Bucket List” to create my very own list tailored to our beautiful Midtown area.  Now there’s a vast array of fabulous local vegan finds out there, but these are a few must-haves that made it to my list that I […]

Andy Nguyen’s Vietnamese Restaurant

By Danielle Carlson, I’ve been frequenting Andy Nguyen’s Vietnamese restaurant quite a bit since I discovered it a few months ago. My friend Mike took me there for the first time in August and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this place in all the time I’ve lived in Sacramento.  So, I thought […]

Pizza Rock Offers New Tastes To Sacramento

By Becky Larson, When walking into Pizza Rock for the first time you’ll notice the high energy made apparent by the rock-and-roll music and the semi-truck crashing through the ceiling. Conveniently sandwiched between the new District 30 and Dive Bar on K Street, Pizza Rock is sure to become a big hit for families […]

Annual Beer Week Gets Things Brewing in Midtown

By Becky Larson, February is finally here which means we’re getting closer to being able to once again enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. No, I’m not talking baseball. I’m referring to an entire week of beer drinking!  Sacramento’s 2nd Annual Beer Week is set for February 25 – March 6 and with over […]

V is for Valentine and Vegan

By Danielle Carlson, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä which translates into “friend’s day.” As the name indicates, this day is more about remembering all your friends, not only your loved ones.  In some Latin American countries Valentine’s Day is known as “Día del Amor y […]

Midtown Vegan Delights Part Deux

  By Danielle Carlson, There are so many vegan-friendly restaurants in the Midtown area right now.  I gave you a few of my favorites last time and I wanted to add some gems to the list.  If you have any you’d like to recommend as well, please let me know! Chipotle on 19th and […]

One More Reason to Overindulge

By Becky Larson, The week after the New Year can be a little depressing. The holidays are officially over and we’re back in our day-to-day routines.  The excuse to overindulge in just about everything is gone and at this point we’re triple-timing it at the gym and starving ourselves to make up for the […]

A Vegan’s Guide to Weight loss

By Danielle Carlson, The holidays, as great as they are, always seem to add a couple pounds to my waistline.  It’s all those delicious treats, cookies and candy that surround us in the late months of the year. Thank goodness January gives us the perfect opportunity to cleanse and detox, get back on the […]

Going Green on the Grid

By Becky Larson, Pizza delivery on a bike?  Yes, believe it! Sacramento has officially entered the popular trend of “going green” and thanks to Edible Pedal it’s never tasted so good. Where else can you find guys on bikes delivering not just pizza but all kinds of food from some of the best restaurants […]

Super Bowl Favorites with a Twist

By Becky Larson, For football fans, this weekend marks the culmination of a season and depending on who your team is, you’ve been left heart broken and hoping next year will finally be the year (I’m talking to all of you Niner fans out there) or rejoicing that your team of the black and […]

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