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Summer Fun: It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore

By Becky Larson, Ah, those summer days when we were kids. Riding our bikes through the neighborhood, swimming all afternoon and playing baseball in the park.  It sometimes seems as we enter into the “real world” of adulthood those long summer days and nights are a thing of the past.  Jobs, family and trying […]

Confessions of a Reality TV Junkie

By Melissa Villarin, I’ll admit it, I love reality TV. All reality TV. From MTV to TLC, Bravo to E!, reality shows are my weakness. Just the other night I watched “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” and I didn’t hate it. I’m not really sure when this happened, but I’m going to blame MTV. “The Real […]

Mario’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Cory Hunt, 1)   Stop hanging out with girls who are constantly “getting kidnapped” for attention. 2)   Donkey Kong has caused far more damage behind the wheel than his cousin ever did climbing buildings and knocking down planes.  Never let DK drive on Rainbow Road again. 3)   I never thought there was a worse […]


Christine Cheng, As you know, Midtowners love Midtown. But sometimes we just “gotta get away”, sort of like the Southwest Airline commercial. So where do we go when we want to get away? Often times we make the trek to either San Francisco or Tahoe, two very popular destinations within driving distance from Sacramento. […]

Midtown Holiday Stuff!

By Nick Leonti, I might be a real jerk most of the year, but every December I’m full of holiday cheer (and cookies). There are a lot of good things happening in Sacramento for the holidays. Here are a few off the top of my head. The Nutcracker @ The Sacramento Ballet I’ve never […]

Leonti: Back in Sac!

By Nick Leonti, I’ve really been enjoying myself recently which explains my inability get regular posts up here on I’m sure you’ve just been twiddling your thumbs waiting for me to come back and tell you some stuff to do in Sacramento. Well, twiddle no more. I’m here for you. Here is some […]

The Return of Yellowcard

By Hardeep Sahota, Is there a certain band, CD or song you hear that brings you back to a special time in your life? For me, the band Yellowcard always takes me to some wonderful places – a peaceful stroll through the past. Music took a backseat for me when Yellowcard decided to take […]

Call of Duty: The Video Game Phenomenon Releases Its 7th Installment, “Black Ops”

By Andre Levesque, By the time you have read this, I will be long gone. My family will be left all alone and I will be going off to war in the Jungles of Vietnam, Russia or some other foreign nation. No. I’m not in the military, and I don’t get paid to do […]

Bravo (in) Sacramento

By Lindsey Arasmith, I don’t discriminate against TV. I try to watch any show at least twice before I pass judgment. That said, please try to postpone your judgment of my terrible programming choices.  (See? I know I am watching trash. That has to make it a little more acceptable… right?) My latest guilty […]

My 5 Favorite NES Games

By Cory Hunt, These games had an effect on my life that cannot be underestimated.  Once you read my review of each, I’m confident that you will agree, even on #2. 1) Baseball Stars Pros: I’ve never felt like more of a Patriot than when I played as The American Dreams and dominated lesser […]

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