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New Year, New You!

By Kristin Walton, It’s a popular time for resolutions and working out, some things will stick and some will fade away. The problem when people set these fitness resloututions is that they eat, sleep and breathe the gym for the first few weeks and get burnt out. Getting healthy is a lifestyle change, slow […]

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

By Kristin Walton, Walking in a winter wonderland. Or should I run? Run from this “wonderland” filled with candy, brownies, and pie. Oh Santa, why in the world must you tempt me with reese’s filled cookies and my mom’s famous pumpkin bread. What did I ever do to you? Did I come up there […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Santa’s Workshop

By Cory Hunt, 1)   Santa hates anything resembling a union, so elves aren’t allowed to join the Lollipop Guild. 2)   The elves eat almost exclusively reindeer meat.  Supposedly, Blitzen tasted the best. 3)   The elves aren’t actually dwarves; they have that Gary Coleman thing where they’re short because they’re malnourished.  Interestingly enough, they still […]

Midtown Holiday Stuff!

By Nick Leonti, I might be a real jerk most of the year, but every December I’m full of holiday cheer (and cookies). There are a lot of good things happening in Sacramento for the holidays. Here are a few off the top of my head. The Nutcracker @ The Sacramento Ballet I’ve never […]

The Christmas Tree

By Frances Macias-Phillips, I love the holidays. But as a firm believer in the ai???No Christmas Before Thanksgivingai??? rule, I had to take the first opportunity that I had to prepare for Christmas. So this Black Friday, my fiancAi?? and I loaded up on holiday supplies and set out to decorate for our first […]

Fitness Guru: Don’t Become a Turkey on Thanksgiving

By Kristin Walton, Freddy Krougar, Michael, or that crazy Saw movie guy have nothing when it comes to scaring me as when I read this: a typical Thanksgiving dinner is about 4,000 calories. To burn this off, you would have to run for 7 hours, do 20 hours of yoga, or lift weights for […]

Thanksgiving Favorites: Secret Family Recipe Revealed … Sweet Potato Casserole

By Bethany Hill, In my family, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t necessarily all about the turkey.  I mean sure, I like turkey – but I certainly wouldn’t glamorize it to be the ultimate highlight of my dinner. When I think about Thanksgiving’s menu, the first item that comes to mind is the most delectable casserole dish […]

Halloween Costumes Losing Spirit

By Robert Alvis, Great Halloween costumes seemed to be in short supply this year. In fact, only a few were really memorable for me. Now, I don’t want to short change the ladies because all the men love your naughty (fill in occupation/character) costumes, but they are ultimately only as memorable as the girl […]

The Pooch Costume Contest

By Kati Garner, The top 3 winners of the Pooch Costume Contest held at the Kennedy Gallery on Saturday:

Holiday of Make Believe

By Carlyn Spangler, The time has finally come, the holiday when females get to dress up and have an excuse to be as provocative as possible. As we grow older, the focus of Halloween changes from pumpkins and candy to costumes and fishnets. Costumes have changed from ghosts and witches to playboy bunnies and […]

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