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Bay Bridge finally open for service amidst criticism over cost, design

The Bay Bridge finally opened for service on Tuesday after a five-day closure that saw motorists and travelers scrambling to get where they needed to go on time.  As the Sac Bee reports, the project was not without criticism over cost and design issues, but those issues notwithstanding we’re looking forward to our first jaunt […]

Sac Burger Battle set to go down on September 18

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day and we can’t envision a better way to spend it than to go to the Sac Burger Battle, located at Raley Field in West Sacramento. There will be live music, prize drawings and drinks available — and then attendees get to vote on which burger they believe is the […]

Golf Pub Crawl for a Cause

By Becky Larson, Now that the sun is finally out, Midtowners are looking for any excuse to get out and celebrate the first few days of summer sun. Some of you might be thinking the best way to enjoy the weather is a day out on the green. But imagine if there was a […]

Personal Branding in a PC World

By Becky Larson, Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to make a name for themselves. The goal has been to be part of the “movers and shakers” of society. To live in a place where everyone knows who you are and either wants to be you or at the very least be […]

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

By Becky Larson, Calling all Midtown Men!  Ever wondered how and why women walk around in painful 4 inch stilettos all day?  Well, here is your opportunity to find out and feel oh so pretty. Get ready to find a smoking hot pair of heels and “work it” for the first ever Walk a […]

A Quick Conversation on Faith

The following is cross-posted with the new Web site, You can follow Witness Faith through Facebook by clicking here. Posted by Jimmy Spencer It wasn’t all that long ago that I began reading the Gospels. I began with John, then read Mark, Matthew and finally, Luke. Throughout all the gospels, one parable really stuck […]

Let’s work out your heart AND soul!

By Kristin Walton, Today I was out to breakfast with a few friends from highschool and we were doing the old “remember when” conversation when one of the girls (and one of my boot camp clients who totally kicks butt!) pointed out how much we used to donate to local charities around town. Since […]

The Luck of Midtowners

By Becky Larson, If you haven’t already rummaged through the back of the closet to find your brightly-colored green shirt, it’s about that time!  St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner and as luck would have it for Midtowners there are plenty of shenanigans to be had right here in our neighborhood. To […]

When the Lights Go Down in Midtown

By Becky Larson, One of the many things to love about midtown and downtown Sacramento is the local businesses that provide us with unique knick knacks to give as birthday gifts and great clothes to get us ready to go out on the town. However, purchasing items from these stores can sometimes be a […]

One More Reason to Overindulge

By Becky Larson, The week after the New Year can be a little depressing. The holidays are officially over and we’re back in our day-to-day routines.  The excuse to overindulge in just about everything is gone and at this point we’re triple-timing it at the gym and starving ourselves to make up for the […]

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