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Midtown Vegan Delights, Part III

  By Danielle Carlson, Who would have thought that there could be three jam packed articles covering vegan friendly restaurants in Midtown, Sacramento? Sac town is becoming a surprisingly progressive Mecca for us vegetarians and vegans and is stepping up to the challenge of serving the people healthier and tastier options.  This month’s Sacramento […]

The Sugar Plum Vegan Café on K Street

By Danielle Carlson, If you haven’t been to Sugar Plum Vegan Café on K Street in Midtown, you need to check this place out quickstyle. It takes up the first floor of an adorable little Victorian house, as the upstairs houses a recently-opened all vegan shop called Never Felt Better.  So excited that these […]

A Vegan’s Guide to Weight loss

By Danielle Carlson, The holidays, as great as they are, always seem to add a couple pounds to my waistline.  It’s all those delicious treats, cookies and candy that surround us in the late months of the year. Thank goodness January gives us the perfect opportunity to cleanse and detox, get back on the […]

Vegan Corner: An Answer to Butter

By Danielle Carlson, A lot of people ask me how I can cook and bake without butter.  Well if you haven’t heard of Earth Balance, I am about to rock your world. Earth Balance is a buttery spread made of expeller-pressed oils and is 100% natural, vegan, and free of GMO’s, trans fats, and […]

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