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My 5 Favorite NES Games

By Cory Hunt, These games had an effect on my life that cannot be underestimated.  Once you read my review of each, I’m confident that you will agree, even on #2. 1) Baseball Stars Pros: I’ve never felt like more of a Patriot than when I played as The American Dreams and dominated lesser […]

Identifying People Species: The Gym

By Cory Hunt, The many types of species at the gym …. Naked Locker Room Man a.k.a. Grandpa Streak Physical Characteristics- Obviously, Grandpa Streak is naked.  Sometimes, he’ll wear a tee shirt, but he refuses to obscure his genitalia with any kind of towel, undergarment or small hat.  Normally, this majestic creature is covered […]

The Boy Wonder Gets Fired

By Cory Hunt, Dear Robin, The time has come to end our professional relationship. In large part, I blame myself for this.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose a 10-year-old orphan with no superpowers as my sidekick.  It was, quite possibly, the biggest mistake of my crime fighting career.  […]

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