AB PicWelcome to the relaunch of SacMidtown.com.

I’m the publisher, Aaron Bruski.

The goal here isn’t to get rich. I’m not trying to imitate nor intimidate other Sacramento-based news sites, blogs or Yelp. I’m not pushing a club guest list or playing the triangle in my Second Saturday band.

The concept is simple – ordinary midtown goers, witnessing midtown and writing about it.

Think of SacMidtown.com as standing around and chatting with an assorted group of friends. Our roster of 30 writers live in or around Sacramento’s popular midtown area. They’re good. They’re funny, they’re insightful and they’re not afraid to put it all out there.

Our writers are wannabe hipsters, town drunks, pretty girls, guys with good personalities, nightlife insiders and outsiders, moms and dads, single and married, 40-year-old businessmen, overworked and underpaid – and they’re all sharing their stories and advice.

We’ll talk about a little bit of everything: What it’s like to date in Sacramento, the best place to grab lunch or happy hour, bartender power rankings and what shops are worth spending at. One of our writers even pitched the idea, “The Best Bums To Give Money To.”

But it’s not just nightlife or homeless life; we’ll delve a bit deeper, too. We’ll discuss crime trends in nearby neighborhoods, critiques of local government decisions, health and exercise, some sports, business and personal finances dialogue that won’t fly over your head … and of course, ranking the best and worst bathrooms.

I have high hopes for this site. I want our readers to share in that. I’m a “midtowner” just like you.

So join the community. Set your bookmark, add a story comment or buy some advertising (worth a try). Any feedback you have early on is much appreciated.

Aaron Bruski, Publisher

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