Consolidated Communications employs shady sales tactics

You live in Sacramento so you have probably bumped into Consolidated Communications at some point.  They’re an Internet and data services provider based out of Roseville with offices throughout the United States.

They’re not unlike other, bigger Internet Service Providers in that you’ll be dealing with headaches, hold times and outages.

But, being local and being just a bit smaller than the behemoths, one would think they would be concerned if their salespeople were outright lying, which is what happened to our offices when they ran a slapstick routine to get our business.

First, it started with the building manager and her employees, who reported all sorts of hi-jinks with the way the salespeople behaved themselves.

To get past this the building manager would ask for a supervisor to show up and they did — this would be a pretty good account for them with tens of offices to sell their services to if they could get a point of entry.

We were asked to sit in because we know about this Internet stuff, and this supervisor/salesperson bordered between carnival huckster and desperate Gil from The Simpsons.  It was hard to watch.

He told us how badly the building manager was struggling to understand the sales process — in front of the building manager.  As a company in tech, he was assuredly terrible at explaining his product.

Then, sensing we understood tech, he told us our office would have 50 x 50 (up and down) bandwidth and that was indeed better than the Comcast product currently installed, so we told the building manager it was a good deal.

What had happened though was that Smith had told a lie. He wanted the account so he didn’t tell us that the product would actually be 50 x 10 in the contract, and as people signed up our speeds of 50 x 50 would sink down to that contractual amount.

When asked about how it would happen, Smith said “it will just say 50 x 10 in the contract but it will be 50 x 50.”

We had been getting 75 x 10 with Comcast and obviously it was a bait and switch.

We called Mark when it was time to get services setup and he pretended he hadn’t said that. We called Mark’s boss — Mark Speigler — and he told us they’d honor the original offer.  Then he forgot to call us and when we had to call back to remind him we still didn’t have service, he meekly said he couldn’t offer us that and denied telling us that they’d honor the original offer.

The Sacramento area is a smaller major media market and trust is still important to us here.  That Consolidated Communications thinks they can outright lie to businesses and get away with it is not consistent with this great region’s values.

We reached out to Jennifer Spaude of Consolidated’s media relations department multiple times and did not receive a response.  Eventually, she responded to our email but immediately stopped replying after that, without dealing with any of the substantive issues.  Calls to the office of the CEO have not been responded to.

Apparently Consolidated has its own ideas about how to respond to issues like these and none of them are consistent with the principles that most Sacramentans adhere to.

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