Top 10 (Or So) Reasons You Know You’re a Nerd

By Cory Hunt,

It’s ok to have nerdy interests, but some people take it too far.

For example, I have this friend who was at the new Harry Potter movie on its opening day.  She is a 30-year-old lawyer, dressed as Harry down to the scarf and glasses, and actually took the time to draw a lightning bolt on her forehead.

She named her cat after a Harry Potter character and admitted that the only reason she didn’t put the cat down after a recent accident is because it reminds her of Harry stuff.   She has taken it too far.   Ten other ways you know you’ve taken your nerdiness too far…

1. You play Quidditch

For those of you who don’t know what Quidditch is, I say, “Congratulations, you probably have friends and don’t spend your spare time reading children’s books while pretending you can fly.”

2. You are attracted to cartoon characters

Spending all of your time lusting after Betty Rubble is a sure way to die sad and alone.  In case you didn’t know, she’s taken.

3. You speak Klingon

First, try talking to a girl in English.  Once you get good at that, then maybe you can move on to Klingon.

4. You complain incessantly about the new Star Wars movies

We get it.  Even you could have done the fight scenes better.

5. Weird Al is your favorite musician

Look, I can understand if you were into him back in the days of “Just Eat It” all the way up to “Living in an Amish Paradise,” but now, he’s just too overproduced and commercialized.

6. You take it personally when someone says World of Warcraft sucks

That game blows.  Try the new Madden.

7. You think the guys on Mythbusters are good dressers

I realize nobody thinks that.  I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t feel bad about hitting every single thing on this list.

8. You’ve read a book about dinosaurs since elementary school

They’re dead!  Get over it!

So I couldn’t think of ten.  Fine.  You’re right.  You must feel really good about being such a good counter.

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4 Comments for “Top 10 (Or So) Reasons You Know You’re a Nerd”

  1. JK

    Hufflepuff is named after one of the school houses, not an actual character.

    • Not really a fan

      Well… the Hufflepuff-house is named after one of the schools founders… So it actually is a character 🙂

  2. BB

    I had a crush on Link from Zelda, and I’m still fairly attracted to him. I played the original a few months ago, trying to be old school, and all those sexy fantasies came rushing back to me. But he doesn’t count strictly as a cartoon character, so I’m pretty relieved. I’m still totally cool.

  3. KP

    Wow…a lot of things you think are “too nerdy” are actually not bad. I think you have some issues with the nerdier community.
    I’m not gonna deny it. I’m a nerd. But I’m a hot female nerd, so I feel like it evens out.
    As far your friend…so she enjoys Harry Potter and she’s not afraid to have some fun with it! Try not being so judgmental and letting loose yourself now and then.

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