NBA to add motion cameras in every single arena this season

max powerBasketball has always been a game that has fell between football (less stats and data) and baseball (more stats and data) when talking about advanced stats or data analysis.

But that has changed over recent years as the advent of Twitter and proliferation of websites talking basketball has allowed for exponential learning among fans, media, players and basketball executives.  The game itself also lends itself to statistical analysis, with 82 games compared to just 16 in football and much less chaos in the area of play to skew the numbers.

The most recent change in technology has been the use of video indexing of plays that can be recalled by a number of different distinctions.

Want to know how a player does in the pick-and-roll?  That has been available through a service called Synergy for a few years.  Want to know how a player does defensively in the post?  Again, Synergy has had you covered, though I’d be remiss not to point out that the data collection for Synergy has been extremely sloppy.

Writers, media and others that constantly quote Synergy probably haven’t watched enough of it to see constant examples of a player nowhere near the action get credit for an outcome.  Like all of the other tools available to students of the game, you take it for what it is and move on. 

Now, SportVU cameras are being installed in every NBA arena, and they will track enough data to give feedback on effectiveness against different personnel and play types.  They will also be able to track acceleration and deceleration to the extent that fatigue and injury recoveries will be able to be monitored with stunning accuracy.  Refs will be tracked, too.  Eventually, biometrics will be worked into the equation and the challenge for professionals will be to figure out how to use all of this data.

But one thing is certain, if you’re a student of the game and you’re not studying this right now you’ll be left in the dust.

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