Local Kickball: Ball Me Maybe wins second straight title

max powerOkay, we won’t be mad if you don’t think that kickball is a sport.  Nor can we confirm or deny that players from either squad could all pass a field sobriety test.

This is rec league kickball, after all.

But we love what XOSO sports is doing right now, giving adults a chance to play the games they used to love when they were kids with plenty of party atmosphere to boot.

While there are no rules about alcohol posted on the official website, you can probably sneak in a flask if you’d like (at your own risk) and after the game players are encouraged to meet at a nearby bar afterward.

So we’re going to pass along XOSO’s report that ‘Ball Me Maybe’ took home their second consecutive league title.  They nearly lost in the semi-finals to a team called ‘Still Drunk from Breakfast,’ but was able to come back in overtime for the win before taking out ‘Team Mayhem’ in the finals.

Losing is much easier to take in a bar. With your friends. And one is wearing a top hat.

Losing is much easier to take in a bar. With your friends. And one is wearing a top hat.

We don’t know what method they used to kick their way to victory and we doubt they do either.

But that’s not really the point.


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