Kings TV feature on inspirational 8th grade cancer patient Tyler Hallsey wins award

AB PicOften times the discussion on who our heroes are is limited to police, firefighters and our soldiers — and rightfully so — but the story of Arizona eighth grader Tyler Hallsey is one that might make each of the aforementioned tough guys take notice.

Hallsey was diagnosed with a brain tumor on February 8.  Pontine Glioma was the diagnosis, something that just 100-150 children get diagnosed with every year.

Shortly after being diagnosed, Tyler sat with his father Chris and they talked about the road ahead and what they should do.  “Whatever it takes,” Tyler said, and that has been the rallying cry for friends, family and supporters as they collectively try to tackle the tumor head on.

Tyler has undergone painful steroid and chemotherapy treatment since then to try to kill off the tumor.  On May 3, the tumor remained but there were two areas of dead cells in the tumor that give them hope.

As you can imagine, it takes a tough little man to handle himself the way he has throughout the past few months.  And anything Jimmer and Tyler Hallseythat can be done to help give him a day, an hour, or a minute off in that fight is critical to lessening the weight on his shoulders.

He got that very moment when his father asked him “if he could do anything, what would he like to do.”  According to his father, Tyler said “I just want to meet Jimmer.”

So between Chris and the Sacramento Kings a plan was hatched to get Tyler to Sacramento to see a Kings game.  Chris was careful not to tell Tyler what exactly was going on, so when he met Jimmer he could be surprised.

The outstanding Kings TV team was there to catch the moment, and the story of Tyler’s fighting spirit helped propel the piece to an award at the NBA broadcasters meetings in New York.

It’s not surprising that the voters were moved.  The fighting spirit of an eighth grader facing the ultimate fight is something that can teach us and inspire us to be better people.

For more information on how you can help spread the word about Tyler’s story or simply give him a pat on the back, you can visit his Facebook page and his website.

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