Food Battle 2013 announced, local star Anthony Padilla says via website

Not to be confused with local muralist Anthony Padilla, or Tony Padilla the bail bonds guy, Sacramento YouTube sensation Anthony Padilla has announced the eight foods that fans can vote for to replace the egg roll he lost with in 2012 to comedy partner Ian Hecox.

‘Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut’ has been the food of choice for Hecox since the competitions started in 2006, whereas Padilla always has a new food and he is letting his fans do the voting.

There are eight foods up for consideration including Bah-nah-na, Corn on the Cob, Fried Pickle, Hot Dog Wiener, Giant Gummy Snake, Chocolate Bar Donut, Candy Cane and Pretzel.

As you can see by watching the announcement video, the Sacramento duo is a talented crew even if their brand of humor isn’t your thing (they’re distinctly targeting the younger crowd).  Forbes reported in 2013 that they have approximately 3.5 million viewers per week for their online-only comedy show to go along with seven million subscribers to their YouTube channel.  They recently became YouTube’s most subscribed to channel, while bringing in what Forbes estimates to be about $10 million per year in revenue.

TV executives are falling all over themselves to move these guys into the mainstream, but the new breed of online stars isn’t biting.

“We’ve seen other Internet people go to TV,” says Padilla. “And it’s bad because they take two months off to make a pilot and their viewers have forgotten about them when they come back.”

Adds Hecox: “It boils down to this. We are not leaving the Internet.”

“I think they can be as big, if not bigger, than mainstream stars we see today,” says Brent Weinstein, head of digital media at United Talent Agency.

That’s not bad for a couple of guys some of you parents out there might see in your own sons.  Wild, wacky and irreverent, Padilla and Hecox are taking childish slapstick to the bank, and are the most recent example of Sacramento producing unique homegrown talent.



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