Let’s Be Honest …

Today’s rant brought to you by the letter N. For NUTRITION.

Let me start off by saying that I’m no dummy, the second people hear you need to eat right, they think DIET and stop listening. Well I’ll be the first to tell you, STOP DIETING.

No longer are you dieting. No longer are you deprived. No longer do you want to jump me on the way to my car because you miss chocolate. I don’t want you hating life.

You have to live your life and let’s be honest, what’s a life without creme brulee?

The point you need to remember is balance. Portions are the way to balance your diet. Yes it’s better to have something like Kashi GoLean cereal over Frosted Flakes, but if you feel like frosted flakes and nothing else will do, have some. Have SOME. Not ALL. Have the serving, which is 3/4 cup. You can have what you like but you have to keep it in moderation. Simple ways to take out some of the calories from meals are examples like using mustard not mayo, using Greek nonfat yogurt instead of the light-full of sugar- crap yogurt, having a tall latte, not a venti and making it non-fat.

Nutrition is key. There’s no way any of us normal people can work off a terrible diet in the gym, it just won’t happen. I’m no Michael Phelps so I know that if I eat a Big Mac, it’s staying with me for a month. Let me say this again, when you over eat and think “I’ll just workout to make up for my meal” you won’t. 9 times out of 10 you’ll work out just the same as if you ate a healthy meal. Yes strength training and cardio is EXTREMELY important but it’s all about what you do after the workout that counts. Food is fuel. Food helps your body recover and rebuild the muscle you tore down in class. I have always worked out a lot just out of habit but I was 40 pounds heavier. I couldn’t figure it out because I never ate fast food, tons of candy, chips, etc. I was so frustrated and angry. Oh, but I drank. A lot. I wasn’t on “Intervention” or anything but I did enjoy the night life. Until I read this: “The body metabolizes the toxin, alcohol, first then fat.” Wait, so before my body is working off my 2am Taco Bell it’s still working on my 6 beers?! What the heck? Truth is, alcohol has EMPTY calories. Think drinking a glass of sugar. Once I started watching my calories and INCLUDING alcohol, then I saw the 40 pound drop. Not right away, but over time I noticed it actually worked. Sure I still had a few cocktails now and then, but in moderation.

Your results are equal parts:



strength training

Any one of these out of whack and you won’t see the results you want as quickly as you want. Any results that you want, you deserve! You CAN do this. You work out for a reason so don’t lose sight of that.

Here are some great choices that help you not feel so deprived and are actually very tasty!

Craving mexican? (Also works for breakfast just use one whole egg and 2 egg whites)

1 La Familia Tortilla factory whole wheat tortilla (80 calories)

1/2 cup whole black beans (110 calories) chopped cilantro

1 tbsp light sour cream (50 calories)

Sprinkle of light shredded cheese (30 calories) Shredded lettuce Salsa

Craving pasta? (another great meal is to use 1/4 cup brown rice instead of pasta)

3 oz of grilled chicken breast (150 calories)

1 oz whole wheat pasta (100 calories)

1/2 cup marinara (60 calories)

2 cups of your favorite vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, squash, etc)

Craving a brownie?

Found at whole foods – No pudge fudge brown mix Use 4 tbsp of the mix (100 calories) Mix with a splash of milk 2 tbsp non fat greek yogurt.

Mix it all together and but in a small ramekin container (something ok for the oven) and cook until solid at 350.

Craving stir fry?

Mix your favorite veggies in a large skillet Add about a half inch of water and 2 tbsp of teriyaki sauce (30 calories) Add either 3 oz of fish, chicken, or tofu (cook these separate then add later) (150 calories)

Cook until veggies are soft

You can also add brown rice for a great lunch. (140 calories)

Check out my website for more health and exercise tips: trainerkristin.com

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Kristin Walton is a physical trainer in Sacramento. You can learn more about her Sweat Squad Boot Camp by visiting sweatsquadbootcamp.com or emailing her direct at knwalton@gmail.com. She specializes in conditioning training for athletes as well as fat loss.


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