Pizza Rock Offers New Tastes To Sacramento

By Becky Larson,

When walking into Pizza Rock for the first time you’ll notice the high energy made apparent by the rock-and-roll music and the semi-truck crashing through the ceiling.

Conveniently sandwiched between the new District 30 and Dive Bar on K Street, Pizza Rock is sure to become a big hit for families as well as the nightlife crowd (open until 3 a.m. Wednesday – Saturday).

I recently had the pleasure of trying this latest downtown establishment and here are some of my thoughts, although I would highly encourage you to check it out for yourself!

To start, the menu at Pizza Rock is huge.  From the most obvious thing on the menu being an extensive pizza list to fried string beans and burgers, this place has it covered.  But since “pizza” is in the restaurant name for a reason, and as it tends to be in my nature to try things that are “the best” or “famous,” I decided to go with the two award-winning pizzas on the menu.

I began with the Margherita pizza which was the 2007 World Pizza Cup Winner in Naples, Italy.  The pizza consists of tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Sounds like a pretty basic Domino’s pizza, right?  Wrong!  It’s oh so much more than that!  Y

ou’re going to need a knife and a fork for this one, even if you aren’t an “eating pizza with a knife and fork” kind of person.  It’s also important to note they only make 73 of these award-winners per day (make sure to ask about the story behind this number) so get there early if this is one you’re hoping to try.  Then again, if they’re out it makes for a good excuse to go back.

The second pizza I had was the Cal Italia, the Gold Medal Winner of the Food Network Pizza Champions Challenge.  This pizza is surprisingly sweet and very different from your traditional pizza.  Definitely not something you would find at your local Domino’s. It includes asiago, mozzarella, gorgonzola, sweet fig preserve, prosciutto, parmigiano-reggiano and drizzled balsamic reduction.

You’ll only need one slice of this per trip to Pizza Rock but if you’re looking for something new and different to try I would highly recommend this pizza.

Pizza Rock’s phrase that is sure to become infamous is “Respect the Craft” and it becomes very clear they do.

You’ll become immediately aware of this through their amazing variety of pizzas, their well-trained and knowledgeable staff and by watching the championship pizza throwing that happens every so often.  There is a passion for all things pizza at Pizza Rock and respect is definitely deserved.

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