Midtown Vegan Bucket List 2011

By Danielle Carlson, SacMidtown.com


I was recently inspired by the VegNews article titled “The Vegan Bucket List” to create my very own list tailored to our beautiful Midtown area.  Now there’s a vast array of fabulous local vegan finds out there, but these are a few must-haves that made it to my list that I can personally recommend.  Use it as a jumping off point to create your own Bucket List and let me know what you discover!  Enjoy.

Number One: Try a mouthwatering vegan “creamie chocolate chip sandwich” at Midtown’s Sugar Plum Café on K Street.  TO DIE FOR!!

Number Two: Try a vegan corndog at Capitol Dawg in Midtown.   Deep fried Vegetable and grain protein vegan frank in corn batter on a stick=Heaven.

Number Three: Buy some vegan cheese at either The Natural Food Co-Op or Never Felt Better Vegan Shop in Midtown and make some creamy cheesy vegan mac and cheese!

Number Four: Adopt an animal from the local SPCA or shop at or donate to the SPCA Thrift Store on E Street.

Number Five: Try the savory vegan meatloaf alongside some vegan mashed potatoes and gravy at The Natural Food Co-Op.  (The Co-Op usually has a vegan entrée in the salad bar.  They’re always amazing.)

Number Six: Check out the Farmer’s Market on 8th and W under the freeway.  I always get my sweet potatoes, oranges, and kale there.  The potatoes are like half the price of anywhere else in town.  And they’re delicious and local!

Number Seven: Taste the creamy banana mochi at Andy Nguyen’s on Broadway.  Five dollars will get you enough to share.  Warning:  You will become addicted!

Number Eight: Try a soy frappuccino at any midtown Starbucks.  Now I’m all about local coffee shops, but Starbucks is the only one I’ve found that makes a vegan frappuccino.  All the syrups are vegan.  Unfortunately the caramel, the mocha, and the white mocha are not.

Number Nine: Try the chow mien and egg rolls at The Loving Hut on Stockton Boulevard.  Soooooooo good!!  Now this isn’t in midtown, but they do take-out.   So bring it into Midtown and have a picnic at McKinley Park!

Finally, Number Ten: Make these cupcakes for your friends and family!!  They will never guess that they are vegan!!  Mmmmm…cuuupcaaakes.

Vegan Stat of the Week: “70% of what was once Amazon rainforest is now used for grazing animals, and with each tree that disappears, the earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air diminishes, placing a higher environmental toll on our already-burdened planet.”  -VegNews.com.  Go veg!!

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  1. This is brilliant! I want to do one for Salt Lake now! Thanks for the great idea. 🙂

  2. Did anyone hear about,Has anyone heard of AOL’s aquisition of the HuffPo blog for $315 Million?

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