The Sacramento Kings of the Jungle?

By Melissa Villarin,

Remember those NBA commercials where people would look into the camera and say, “I love this game”?

I felt like filming one of those ads after Saturday night’s Kings-Mavericks game. Not only was it a thrilling game that went down to the wire, it was also a very entertaining night. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during my first trip to Arco.

I went to the game with my friend Danie, who had never been to an NBA game before. So, as you can imagine, we were both pretty excited. Then we saw our seats, and started dropping the OMG’s.

We were sitting behind the basket, just a few rows back and right next to the tunnel. Score! I thought to myself, I could probably make eye contact with the Kings from this distance. I quickly grabbed my phone, as did Danie, and we started taking pictures to post on facebook and twitter.

The game began and I still couldn’t believe how close we were. Instead of watching the action, I was mesmerized by the tattoos on DeMarcus Cousins’ arms and I tried to make out exactly what they were. Then I noticed Jason Kidd and sat there shocked. I could actually see the wrinkles on his face. After a few minutes of this I stopped staring and began to enjoy the game.

Early in the first quarter, Slamson, the Kings’ mascot, started making the rounds and Danie looked at him, confused.
“Their mascot is a lion?” Danie asked.
I nodded my head yes.
“So they’re the Sacramento Kings of the Jungle?”
I laughed out loud.

The first two quarters flew by and next thing I knew it was halftime and the Kings were running through the tunnel. I jumped up and tried to reach out to give them five, but didn’t get any love. It’s ok, I thought, I’ll get them on the way out. No such luck. Guess that only works if you’re a cute kid.

The third quarter started and the thundersticks started floating down from the ceiling. For those that may live under a rock, thundersticks are plastic balloons that make a lot of noise when you bang them together. We caught several them and were entertained for several minutes. Then came our first chance to use them. The Mavericks were at the free throw line, we started banging away. It didn’t work, both free throws went in.

Now we started really getting into the game. The Kings took a big lead, but it didn’t last and they let the Mavericks right back in it. I started looking around again and I saw Mayor Kevin Johnson heading toward the tunnel. I grabbed my camera hoping to get a good picture of him. He kept walking through the tunnel and I yelled, “Kevin. Kevin. Mayor!” He turned around, and noticed me trying to take a picture. He smiled, posed, then threw up a peace sign. And guess what, I missed it. My iPhone camera wouldn’t open. He posed for me, and I couldn’t get my camera to work. Oh well, back to the game.

It’s now the fourth quarter and the game is all tied up. The Kings are playing very well, probably the best they’ve played all year. Next thing I know they’re up nine points, nine! Everyone is on their feet cheering. We’re banging the thundersticks again, so are the people behind me, they’re actually hitting me in the head and I don’t care.

The Mavericks come charging back and it’s tied again. They take the lead, and don’t look back. The Kings end up losing by two points. The players started walking toward the tunnel, hanging their heads. As DeMarcus Cousins walked by, he flung his headband into the crowd. It ended up landing near us. We thought that was pretty cool until we realized it was soaked with sweat. After looking at it for a few seconds we decided not to touch it. But we did find a fan who wanted it, so we pointed it out and he walked away happy.

We took a few more pictures before getting ready to leave. We grabbed our purses and our jackets, then took a long look at the thundersticks. We giggled, but decided to leave them behind. As we walked up the steps of Arco we started replaying all that happened throughout the night. From the Kings of the Jungle to the Mayor posing for me, it turned out to be a good night.

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