Scared of Cliff Lee? Wasn’t That the Guy the Giants Beat Twice?

By Mark Maxwell,

I love it.  I really do.

Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees and joins the Phillies.

The Media goes crazy.  Article after article comes out on how the Phillies have the greatest rotation in baseball and perhaps the greatest rotation in history compared to the ’66 Dodgers and the classic Braves trio.

My first reaction when I saw the signing was, quite honestly, … “oh crap.”  Lee in the American league was a good thing for the Giants.  That much fire power in the National League on one team … man.  Going to be a tough rotation to run through.

But, as article after article blew in proclaiming the Phillies as the team to beat in baseball and this rotation as the greatest ever, a thought occurred to me: Good!  Awesome!  Bring it on!!!

The Giants got NO respect throughout they’re historic run and eventual win of the World Series.  It wasn’t until the end, that people started giving props.  They got absolutely NO respect going into the NLCS to beat Philadelphia, and here we are, not even Christmas, and we’ve gone right back to the role as the Forgotten Giants.

So far, not one person has even mentioned the Giants and their rotation in this conversation.  Last I checked, the World Series Trophy was over on San Francisco’s shelf.  If I remember correctly, all those pitchers, including Lee, was beat by the Giants rotation – multiple times, in case you were wondering if it were a fluke.

And yet, we should just pack a trophy-sized forwarding box to Philly with plenty of bubble wrap.

Now, this is not to say I don’t respect the new Philly rotation.  I may not even argue that they could be the best in MLB.  It really is an incredible display of arms.  No argument there.

But what I love is the fact that come mid-February, when pitchers and catchers show up, five guys over in Scottsdale are gonna be hanging out together with the kid who just won Rookie of the Year, and they’re all going to look at each other and wonder why they still haven’t been awarded the respect they deserve.

All the attention will be in Florida, and that’s awesome.  Believe it or not, we STILL have something to prove.  These five guys are gonna look at each other, grit their teeth, focus, and play some serious catch.

Thank you to the AP, to the MLB, and most of all to the Phills and Cliff Lee.  We work best when we have something to prove.  In fact, I’m even more happy it happened now!  Something to think about for Timmy when he’s looking for motivation to do one more set of stairs this off-season.  Hold the frosted Santa cookies this Christmas, Mamma Cain.   Let’s bring it on!

Love it.  Love baseball.  God bless America.

GO GIANTS!!!! … and enjoy those World Series DVDs you get for Christmas!

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17 Comments for “Scared of Cliff Lee? Wasn’t That the Guy the Giants Beat Twice?”

  1. cb

    Ya, the Giants won the world series………. good job.

  2. doc

    I’m from Philly.
    Everybody is going to make money on this deal Giants included. Every 3-4 game series with the Phils on the road is going to be a sellout. How long do you think it’s going to take the Phillies to make the 11 million for Lee’s first year salary? Probably the first game. This is great for baseball to see a rotation like this in the era of big money free agent contracts. World Series or not it’s going to be fun to watch for everyone.
    2007 Phils make playoffs
    2008 Win World Series
    2009 Make World Series
    2010 Make NLCS
    This is a big part of being able to sign Lee each year the fans come back stronger and stronger each year in Philly. Cliff Lee said it himself in the press conference about the fans in Philly. The World Series is not guaranteed in Philly because of the Lee signing but exciting Baseball is.

  3. MB

    Plain and Simple the giants got hot at the rigth time period. Yes your team won the world series but i am willing to bet they do not make the playoffs next year. Enjoy your victory you did deserve it this year, however you will not see another one in the next two years guarenteed

  4. Come on, Doc. $11 million in one game? There is a thing called a payroll budget and “one game” doesn’t cover it — not with Zito, not with anyone. It’s certainly a good signing for Philly though, no question. What a rotation!

    But … to MB, you’re nuts. Not making the playoffs? That shows a lack of respect for a rotation that beat you.

  5. C Murder

    Halladay vs. Lincecum= advantage PHI
    Lee vs. Cain= advantage PHI
    Oswalt vs. Sanchez= advantage PHI
    Hamels vs. Bumgarner= advantage PHI

  6. Mark….man up.

    Don’t act as if Philadelphia’s been getting the NY/LA/Boston treatment for years.

    We’ve endured and put up with lots of crap from lousy GMs to media slamming us as the worst place on Earth.

    Now that we’re finally getting some respect, you want to start crying?

    Whatever, man. We’ve paid our dues. No you pay yours.

    You had your hayday with the 49ers. Quit trying to rain on our parade.

    • bobb

      The Giants win the World Series after 56 years but their fans are raining on YOUR parade? I’ve met a few Phillies fans- you guys are funny. Some of us are still laughing at you riiiiight now!!

  7. C Murder

    We’re comparing rotations Jimmy. Halladay and Lincecum split in the NLCS. You can even have a push there. No disrespect to Cain, but better than Cliff Lee? That’s laughable. I’m pretty sure Oswalt beat Sanchez and Hamels is a better pitcher than Bumgarner. Do you really want to argue the Giants have a better rotation now? Come one dude.

    • bobb

      Bet you were wrong about the teams LAST year- we look forward to you being wrong about them this year too. The big, bad fans of the big, bad East Coast teams are always busy thinking through their jocks. How’s that workin’ out for you anyway? Time to throw ’em in a washing machine to get a fresh start. Cheers.

  8. C.M. — The Phillies rotation is great “on paper.” … but the Giants made great work beating teams on the field last postseason. This is time for us to enjoy a championship based on what actually happened on the field.

    I think it’s funny that Phillies fans are acting like they won the World Series for signing a guy who just lost two World Series games. This is very New York Yankees 2000-08-esque.

    • cinnamontoastpunch

      Come on, Kid. Sure, the Giants did a great job. You’ve all enjoyed your win and still are. No Phillies fan is acting like they won the World Series. I’m seriously tired of listening to the Giants fans and their big egos. Where were you all in Post-Season last year? The year before? How about the year before that?

      That’s right, at home.

      Don’t get all pissy because the Phillies landed a great deal with a great pitcher. You can not deny that. No one is denying your right to enjoy the Championship, so don’t try to ruin off season for everyone else.

  9. C Murder

    J.S.– “On paper” is all you can look at right now. It’s December. You can’t possibly argue the Giants have a better rotation right now. What actually happened on the field last season was a fluke. So I hope you did enjoy it. The Giants wouldn’t have even have gotten to the postseason if San Diego hadn’t collapsed.

    Philly fans are reacting like they won the World Series, because they won a World Series a couple years ago and now have a far better team.

    • C-Murder … it’s that kind of disrespect for the Giants and their fans that turns people off. “A fluke” … that’s rich. The Phillies offense is about as aged and depleted as the Giants now. Best of luck

    • Elvis

      And the Philies wouldn’t even have lost to us if they didn’t lack so much talent. Its because were better than you, and were a better organization, better ballplayers, and better living environment, better people, more educated, more fit, more funny – just all around better. That’s why you lost. Your fans are whats wrong with America. Quit lowering Americas value sh|tbird

  10. Elvis

    C Murder your a freakin punk , look at your name. You’re what? Some little sh|t in his 20s, who can barely remember Mike Schmidt, your greatest Philly. Mike Schmidt today would look at the obvious bandwagon fans that came form the Eagles and spit on you. I know some folks from Philly. They said things started to get ugly when the Phillies started winning a few years back. All the bridge and tunnel drunken douche bags suddenly became Philies fans. I believe that. And what kind of person would brag that they have the best without playing whatever you need to easy yourself sweety, awww does it hurt? Did it hurt when you lost? Awwww. Fine jerk off, you know what I thought the Philies were a fluke when they started winning 3 years ago. But they kept winning. Now its our trun. BTW, when you say that a team who beat your team is a fluke, your also saying that your team cant beat a fluke. The Giants beat the Padres to get thee, the Braves, the pHILLIES, then the Rangers. YOU SUCK!!! I GUARANTEE THE PHILLIES DONT MAKE THE FREAKIN WILD CARD!!!!!!! Punk

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