Why the Kardashians Are Taking Over the World

By Kristen Schnoebelen, SacMidtown.com

Fame. Fortune. Loving family.

Most people see this combination as an unattainable utopia. You can maybe have one or two, but not all three. This is why the Kardashian family (ok, AND Jenner Family) are slowly taking over the world.

It all started when Kim (undoubtedly the prettiest one of the bunch) was suddenly thrust into the spotlight with an unfortunate and unplanned debut. This “disaster” was actually just the start of something huge, and would she would essentially become the “cash cow” of the family.

While most celebrities in the Hollywood circle are stick thin, Kim actually had curves and a rather large backside (OK, really large). This was rare to see, and people were fascinated by the “normal body” (compared to the 98 pound waifs in Hollywood) that was getting attention. This became relatable to women and girls all over and thought “Hey, I have a large backside too! I like Kim! She’s just like me!”

Thus, a new star was born. For doing virtually nothing. Ok, literally nothing.

The endorsement deals came rolling in, and became a presence at Vegas nightclubs and all over TMZ, US Weekly People, etc. You know, credible news
publications. This caught the eye of another person slowly taking over the world, Ryan Seacrest, and decided to give them a “Reality Show.” I say “reality” because we all know 90% of the things they do are solely for the show.

Nonetheless, it still gets viewers. A lot of viewers. I’m talking 4.7 Million viewers for the season debut, and was also the second most watched show on the E! network. The first being the season finale of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” last year. Not kidding.

With the Kardashian family becoming so famous, it was only a matter of time until the money started pouring in. Designers were dying to have their fashions worn by the Kardashians, a self-proclaimed fashionista. Dresses, clothes, jewelry and hand bags were being delivered left and right for Red Carpet appearances, and not just for Kim. Her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe and their Momager (Mom/Manager), Kris.

Now the empire has a skincare line, 4 clothing boutiques, diet pill line, Kotex spokeswomen, Perfume lines, bathing suit lines, and growing
on a daily basis. Khloe snagged a famous NBA player, Lamar Odom and is adding to the millions he makes as a Laker.

Kourtney is pretty much on her own, since her Baby Daddy isn’t exactly a millionaire. Or cute. Or funny. Or handsome. Even the younger Jenner girls are starting their own empire and it’s starting with modeling. It’s only the beginning for them. As Kris Jenner once said, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 24; Kylie Gets Married.”

The family dynamic is also a draw, since the siblings are so tight knit. All families have fights and some sort of drama, but theirs seems to always be resolved by the end of the episode. Funny how that works, don’t you think?

They are always shown having family dinners, vacationing together, and having game nights. Who doesn’t long for that kind of relationship? Most families are lucky if their kids show up sober or with the same spouse on holidays. I mean, am I right? Let alone happy to spend time with them.

So with the trifecta of fame, fortune and a close family who knows what is next  for the Kardashian Klan. Running for Governor? President? Queen?

Only time will tell….

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  1. shari hodges

    It’s just too bad that we never see one of them going to college.

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