My 5 Favorite NES Games

By Cory Hunt,

These games had an effect on my life that cannot be underestimated.  Once you read my review of each, I’m confident that you will agree, even on #2.

1) Baseball Stars

Pros: I’ve never felt like more of a Patriot than when I played as The American Dreams and dominated lesser teams like The Ghastly Monsters or The World Powers.  I never understood how Zeus and Hulk made The World Powers lineup, but Jesus didn’t.  Some maintain it’s because He threw like a girl, but I bet it’s because He refused to play for any team that wasn’t American.

Cons: The Lovely Ladies being allowed to play (and pitch underhand) was a mockery of the game and our society.

2) Paperboy

Pros: This game actually made me want to get a paper route.  I dreamed each day would be filled with break dancers, crazy skateboarders and tornadoes and that my route would end with a sweet obstacle course.

Cons: I actually got a paper route.  In real life, there are no obstacle courses and there definitely aren’t bonus points for breaking non-subscribers’ windows.

3) World Class Track Meet

Pros: The Power Pad was probably the greatest invention of my generation.  It allowed you to have a pretend footrace with a guy instead of just going outside and having a footrace with a guy.  To this day, playing World Class Track Meet is the only time I have ever found any of the events in the Summer Olympics mildly interesting.

Cons: The Olympic Committee’s failure to test Cheetah for performance enhancing drugs.

4) Arch Rivals

Pros: This game was basically NBA Jam without real players, fantastic dunks or codes that made the players have large heads.  However, it did have a redeeming quality: you got to constantly punch the other team.  If there were real players in this game, Ron Artest’s team would never lose.

Cons: Poor officiating.

5) Double Dragon

Pros: This game taught me that white guys could be good at karate.  Also, when doing karate, many people choose to go practically naked, but I learned that the best karate guys prefer to wear a vest without a shirt to help distract their enemies.

Cons: Got made into the worst movie of all time

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3 Comments for “My 5 Favorite NES Games”

  1. Tony

    Good picks to be sure, but the best NES game of all time (IMO) is Tecmo Super Bowl. Madden can suck it.

    • I agree with Tony, good list, but you’re mising the greatest of them all. Tecmo Super Bowl is the truth. Also, I’d put Excite Bike on there as well, but that’s a minor quibble.

  2. Marc

    Bible Adventures, hands down.

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