Leonti: Back in Sac!

By Nick Leonti, SacMidtown.com

I’ve really been enjoying myself recently which explains my inability get regular posts up here on SacMidtown.com. I’m sure you’ve just been twiddling your thumbs waiting for me to come back and tell you some stuff to do in Sacramento.

Well, twiddle no more. I’m here for you.

Here is some stuff I’ve done in midtown that you might want to check out:

Yogurt a-gogo
If you’ve read my previous posts you know I like to go out for a nice, big, greasy breakfast. And if you’ve seen me, you know that this habit hasn’t been too kind to the ol’ waistline. This is why I’ve taken to getting frozen for lunch following biscuit & gravy mornings.  My yogurt shop of choice – mainly due to location – is Yogurt a-go-go. A little Euro Tart with those delicious mochi cubes dumped on top of it does the trick every time.

Guild Theater
Perhaps it falls just outside of what we’d normally call “midtown,” but I like the Guild Theater. I escpecially like the odd selection of movies they show from time to time. Coming up you can see an updated cut of Alex Cox’s Straight to Hell which features some punk rock, a lot of coffee drinking and a very young Courtney Love in a weird western tale. What’s not to like?

The Citizen Hotel
I don’t support calling it a “stay-cation,” but if you’ve got an extra $99 lying around and you feel like living it up, you should spend a night here some time. And now til the end of the year, starting at like $200, you can get a room, valet parking, a three-course dinner for two at Grange and a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon. Why go out of town? And if you are out of town, why not come to Sacramento?

Sac State Rock Auction
Here’s something that even I didn’t know existed until my good friend bought this:

That little number is a hand holding a big ol’ thing of quartz and it’s called “The Hand of Quartz.” He got the HOQ at the Sac State Geology department’s Rock Auction last year. Apparently, they actually get rock collectors from all over the place to looking to buy rocks at this thing. Who knew? Anyhow, the 2010 auction is this Friday. If you like crazy effing rocks, check it out!

About Nick Leonti

Nick Leonti is a true Sacramento treasure who promotes the area as part of his job as Tourism Manager with the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau. He also writes the Sacramento-based blog nickonthetown.com, rides a yellow bike and enjoys various snack foods.


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