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By Lindsey Arasmith,

I don’t discriminate against TV. I try to watch any show at least twice before I pass judgment. That said, please try to postpone your judgment of my terrible programming choices.  (See? I know I am watching trash. That has to make it a little more acceptable… right?)

My latest guilty pleasure is Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHBH). I could go on for days about why we choose to watch these extravagant, over-indulged, under-fed women go about their lives, claiming that we like to see how the rich-kids play, or even to remind ourselves that they have problems, too. Instead, I’ll leave that to a sentence. After all, that’s about how much attention Bravo gave Sacramento during the first episode of RHBH.

It seems Sacramento’s claim to fame, according to Bravo’s Hollywood, isn’t the capitol, our political prestige, or our ever-growing restaurant scene.

No, what Sacramento has to offer is the Kings. And that is literally all we have worth noting on a nationally televised scale. In the first episode of RHBH, Adrienne Maloof (of Maloof family fame) brought all the new housewife-stars to Sacramento to watch the Kings play. The cameras show the ladies on the private plane to Sacramento, inside an unnamed restaurant, inside of Arco Arena, and… that’s it. No mention of the city outside. They may as well have stayed in LA. (Note to Maloofs: when the time comes, you aren’t going to get any help from us up here if you don’t want to talk up our city a little more for the cameras.)

And since the housewives don’t need us, I say we don’t need them. Here in Sacramento, and midtown specifically, we don’t need famous housewives. There could never be a ‘Real Housewives of Midtown’ because we are too attached to reality. Essentially, midtown is saving us from being crazy rich people.

Midtown’s ‘royalty’ are club owners, bartenders, and the occasional politician, but even they mingle with us common-folk. The bartenders who have won prestige during Midtown Cocktail Week are still behind their bars, mixing up new treats for everyday visitors. The club owners don’t flaunt their power; they tend to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the scantily clad co-eds.

So maybe it was smart of the Beverly Hills set to stay in the arena and on their plane. If they had come out to the grid, they probably wouldn’t have gotten the attention they’re used to down south. That is the beauty of midtown: we are all just as popular, pathetic, and happy as we want to be. Midtown will treat you like you’re important, because you are. Our city is alive because we keep it that way- no reality shows required.

Thank you, Midtown, for keeping us all grounded. And an especially big thank you to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, for making me feel better about myself on a weekly basis.

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  1. Christine Cheng

    Love this article. Makes me appreciate living in Midtown even more!

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