My Week in Midtown

By Nick Leonti,

Hi kids, this is my first official post for That other one doesn’t really count. It is my understanding that – being a tourism professional – I was brought on board to let folks know what touristy things are going on in Sacramento.

I figured a “things to do” column was in order. Instead, I’m doing the exact opposite: a “things I did” column. Not sure if that helps the tourists any, but what can ya do?

So here are the highlights of what I did in midtown over the past week.

Breakfast @ Lucky Café (3x)
Seriously, I ate here three times in the past week – just ask my arteries. I don’t regret it though and not just because the food is delicious, but because the menu makes me laugh every time.

Look at this section of the menu. First there’s “Chicken Fried Chicken” which, to me, should just be called “fried chicken.”

Then, as in all respectable dictionaries,  there’s “ThebestCornedBeefhashyouwillevertaste” all as one word.

Further down the menu, we get to the always amusing sausage section.

Check out the Italian Sauasge entry.

I’m kinda disappointed it doesn’t say “But don’t go with the mild” or “One is great, the other not so much. And we’re not telling.”

Sadly, there have been some items removed from the menu…or more specifically, Sharpeed over. The one blackened out here was a chicken sausage. Luckily we can still read the funny part.

I know when I’m looking for refreshment, I go straight for a sausage. And, yes, it is a nice change.

The Mixed Bag
Yup, went to the Mixed Bag and is it ever. This is a great place to take your mom as she continues her quest to fill your old bedroom with random knick-knacks. If you need various holiday-themed trinkets or magnets with funny sayings (e.g. “Are we having fun yet?”) this is the place for you. Myself, I bought a length of ribbon, before going next door to…

…where I bought a huge feather. If you need a costume or you’re a stripper, this is a great place to buy your gear. Unlike the Mixed bag, this is not a great place to take mom. Now why was I buying a length of ribbon and a huge feather? You’ll never know.

Kupros Bistro
In its first month or so of business, I’ve already established a love/hate relationship with this place. They roped me in with $2 friend pickles during happy hour, but now that price has doubled. On the other hand, they also dropped the price of poutine (delicious French fries covered in cheese and ox tail gravy). So I guess it all evens out.

If you don’t know, Kupros is basically a fancy pub with fancy beers and fancy food. The place is gorgeous and it’s probably even more gorgeous after you’ve had a couple $19 bottles of beer.

The new Crocker Art Museum
While not technically “midtown,” I still went here. The spectacular new addition moves the Crocker right to the top of the heap as far as museums in town are concerned. Also, it featured artwork from yours truly, so maybe I’m biased.

Welp, that’s it for this week. Come on back next time to see what other stuff I’ve done.

About Nick Leonti

Nick Leonti is a true Sacramento treasure who promotes the area as part of his job as Tourism Manager with the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau. He also writes the Sacramento-based blog, rides a yellow bike and enjoys various snack foods.


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