Holding Out For a Hero …

By Carlyn Spangler, SacMidtown.com

Knight, cowboy, quarterback, hero … someone who will defeat evil, score the winning touchdown or ride off into the sunset with you.

These things have been culturally ingrained into our minds since Cinderella met Prince Charming at the ball. We search and search for the hero, someone to save us from the everyday routine and swoop us off into a romantic dream.

However, reality sets in and we are forced to look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder if our expectations are too high. Should we choose to settle, and take what we can get, or do we always wonder when, or if, our hero will appear.

That particular moment is what many women find themselves fantasizing about. Where will I meet my Prince Charming? Will it be in the park, grocery store, restaurant, or shall I dare to think, a bar? The bar scene would not necessarily be my ideal place to find my prince. Do “princes” take body shots, bump and grind on the dance floor and fumble around until last call? Shouldn’t my prince be out doing something nobler, like saving the world or better yet, me?

Society has changed the rules, and now the “female” does not need to be saved. She can fend for herself, create her own life and she doesn’t need a man to save her. Why rely on someone else when she can do it herself? This mentality has changed the dating world and turned the male and female roles upside down. Prince Charming doesn’t need to come and wake me up with a kiss, when I can go and find him myself. However, is this truly the new age of thinking or do we all secretly hold out for a hero?

In today’s world, the feminist mindset is that of independence, power and strength, but why do females still find themselves “ooing and ahhing” at the sight of a man in uniform? May that be because a man in uniform symbolizes just that: honor, respect and power? The power to save the day, protect the lady and bring justice to the unjust. A man in uniform encompasses not just physical strength, but an inner strength of character, not the “muscle and brawn” mentality much of the younger generation identifies with.

The fantasy of finding Prince Charming is just that, a fantasy. I do think there is a reason that many of us are waiting to be saved.

The idea is sometimes more fun than the act itself. Some of us try not to expect it, because we do not want to be let down.

We put up a wall, and will only let our hair down if he is willing to climb up. We will only go to the ball if we know he will be there, and we will take that chance and kiss the frog, in hopes of finding our prince charming…our hero.

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  1. Johnny Utah

    There are a plethora of points of view in the world or in Roseville and they might have a different view of the definition of strength of character. What is the integrity of prince charming? In some cultures prince charming is a person who is often portrayed as a rebel and treats the damsel as a price and ventures to seek the company of other females. What is strength of character? Is not telling a lie a sign of strength of character? Yet, every superhero must lie about their identity for the greater good, and then we must decide what is good and evil? The bad guys don’t always think they are doing the wrong thing, but it is our individual beliefs that allow us to determine the difference between right and wrong. People have different interpretations of the disparity between right and wrong, so in short I am saying that the woman as an individual ultimately decides what their prince charming will embody.

  2. Christina

    There is a ton of literature on this subject and just look at the movie Grosse Point Blank as an example…. Great Movie

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