Confessions of a Fair-Weather Fan

By Jeff Schnoebelen,

This takes a lot, but I’ll admit it, I’m a fair-weather Giants fan.

Before you get all up in arms about how you have followed them your whole life, bleed orange and black, can recite every starting lineup since 1985 and have a Giants tattoo on your forehead – let me explain.

I’m a fair-weather fan, not a bandwagon fan, there is a huge difference.

A bandwagon fans changes teams often, maybe even midseason, and becomes a fan of the team that has the most stars, or is the favorite to win the hardware that year (Yankees). I will always be a Giants fan, I just become more (or less) interested in them from time to time, depending on how well they are doing. Obviously, my interest picks up near the end of the season, and in the playoffs, of the 162 games in a baseball regular season, about 20 of those games are interesting to me. If the Giants drop game #75, it has little to no bearing on the outcome of the entire season, they’ll make up for it next game.

Each baseball game is .62% of an entire season, as opposed to basketball and football where each game is 1.22% and 6.25% of a season, respectively. One football game has 10x the impact of one baseball game. The more games, the less impact each individual game will have on a season. Quite honestly it’s not the fault of the Giants, it’s just the length of the season and the frequency of games.

I will of course watch regular season games that have impact, i.e. playoff contention or putting them in the lead for 1st in their division.

I love going to games, I think if I could go to every Giants game I would easily be a huge fan, but the day games make that nearly impossible.

Are there people who actually do that? How do I get their job?

There is nothing like a crisp sunny day at AT&T/SBC/Pacbell Park, with a mouth full of sunflower seed, a beer (or four) and a hot dog with friends.

With all that being said, I know that “true” Giants fans always get upset that people are fair-weather and bandwagon fans, but don’t you want more fans? I guess maybe you feel like you’ve planted, watered and grown this tree, and now only you should enjoy the fruits of your labor?

But let’s be honest, what did you really do to put them in this position? Don’t worry, I’m a conscious-minded fair-weather fan, I do believe that the “true” fans deserve first right of refusal to playoff tickets. Sure, I’d love to go to a playoff game and experience the atmosphere and be a part of something amazing, but not at the expense of the dude who watched every game this year and grew a beard to look like Brian Wilson.

I’m a Kings fan and I remember in 2001 and 2002 how impossible it was to get tickets to the playoffs, because the tickets all went to the fair-weather fans who couldn’t even name the starting line up.

Don’t worry Giants faithful, I won’t do that to you. Go Giants!

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11 Comments for “Confessions of a Fair-Weather Fan”

  1. JP

    Dont worry, if all goes well there wont be any more home games for the Giants this year and you wont have to worry if you are a half a**ed fan or not. Go Phils!

  2. Doc

    Wait, you guys have REAL fans? I thought they were all spineless tofu eating pansies much like yourself

  3. Mick Lovin

    I thought this was going to be an article about dating and drinking, wtf dude, Giants are going to catch the Oakland disease of losing after having a 3-1 lead, its a bay area thing….

  4. Biff

    Did you bring your broom last night to game 5?

  5. Ice Cream for Chooch

    Hey Jeff ShnowBlowWhatever, what the hell is the point of your idiotic article? So you are worried about people making fun of you because you’re a sucky fan, so you thought you’d write something about it to justify wearing your big-fat-kung-pao-chicken Sandoval jersey?

  6. Nino

    This is the Fightins’…..SAID

  7. Dee

    SAID! Go Fightins!



  9. SAID!

    We’re talking about the FIGHTINS here! SAID. SAID!

  10. Cheryl

    You sang at the game on Thursday, didn’t you?

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