Deftones Return To Sacramento With Memorable Hometown Show

By Greg Hyatt, Contributor

Disclaimer: Deftones is one of my all-time favorite bands, so you know what you’re getting with this review of their Sunday, Aug. 8 show at Memorial Auditorium: It’s basically all roses. Not going to be much bashing here.
Everytime Deftones play Sacramento, it is a special event. It is, after all, the “hometown” show and the Sacto crowd always gushes with pride.
Anyway, for those of you not too familiar with Deftones (and if you live in Sacramento, I’m not sure how that’s possible) here is a quick summary of their history:
Deftones formed right around 1990, coming up at the same time as other local legends like Far and Cake. They owned the local scene in the early to mid-90s, packing the old Cattle Club (which later became Bojangles and I think now it’s called The Library?). They’ve since traveled the world and safe to say they’ve sold more records than any band from Sac.
Deftones have released six studio albums, and their most recent effort ‘Diamond Eyes’ was just released this Spring. This latest album was the first the band recorded without long-time, original bass player Chi Cheng. As many of you already know, Cheng was involved in a car accident in 2008 and he is still recovering. Former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega is filling in on bass, and did an awesome job on the new record.
Now, on to the show:
Scanning around Memorial Auditorium just moments before the band took stage, the place looked to be about 75% full. About what I expected. The floor was pretty much packed. The seats looked pretty much full, except for the very top rows.
I missed the opening band, Circa Survive, although I have heard really good things about them.
The show kicked off a little after 9:00. They opened with the first two songs off their 2003 self-titled album: “Hexagram,” and “Needles and Pins.” Hexagram is one of those songs that slowly builds up with the opening guitar riff, and then suddenly explodes with ferocity the rest of the way. The crowd on the floor is really into it from the get go. Tons of energy, and you can feel that everyone is excited about the new album and have been anxiously awaiting this show.
Some random thoughts/ highlights of the show:
-The crowd on the floor went absolutely nuts when they launched into “Be Quiet and Drive,” off their 2nd album Around the Fur.
-The songs they played off the new album, “Diamond Eyes” got a great response and sounded perfect. Two of those songs, ‘Sex Tape’ and ‘Beauty School’ are as close to slow love songs as Deftones gets, and they crushed it. And how can you not love those song titles? Another new song, ‘Risk’, sounded amazing.
-The energy of the crowd on the floor stayed very high for the entire 90 + minute set.
-It was a little strange to not see Chi Cheng up on stage in Sacramento. Although Sergio Vega was very solid. About 3/4 of the way through the show, Chino Moreno (lead singer) went back stage briefly and emerged sporting a ‘One Love For Chi’ T-shirt, including a picture of Cheng. Nice tribute.
-The show ended with ‘7-Words’, off their 1995 debut album, Adrenaline. Lights came on at about 10:45 and it was over. It was a memorable night, maybe the best of the several hometown Deftones shows I’ve seen over the years.
The only thing missing from this show was having other Sactown legends Far and Will Haven open up the show. Far reunited in 2008 after breaking up in 1999, and just released their first album in 12 years. Will Haven is one of the heaviest bands to come out of Sacto, and also is reportedly working on a new album. All three bands came up together in the 90s.
The rumor swirling for the last several months around some downtown/midtown circles was that Far might open up for a Deftones show at Memorial, a move that would have put smiles on many midtown faces for a long time.
But it just didn’t materialize. This is the only tiny gripe I had with the evening (so I’m a little greedy). Overall, Deftones killed it on this night for the hometown crowd.
Here’s the unofficial set list from the Aug. 8 show at Memorial ( borrowed from a few online sources)–
  1. Hexagram
  2. Needles and Pins
  3. Rocket Skates
  4. Diamond Eyes
  5. Beauty School
  6. Knife Party
  7. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  8. My Own Summer (Shove It)
  9. Dai the Flu
  10. Around the Fur
  11. Hole in the Earth
  12. Sex Tape
  13. Elite
  14. Prince
  15. You’ve Seen the Butcher
  16. Risk
  17. Digital Bath
  18. Change
  19. Birthmark
  20. Nosebleed
  1. Engine No. 9
  2. 7 Words
As of Monday morning, some videos from the show already surfaced on YouTube:
“My Own Summer” off their 2nd record:
Here’s “Rocket Skates” off the new record:
“Beauty School” off the new record:
“Around the Fur”:
Greg Hyatt is a full-time journalist living in Midtown Sacramento

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